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Suitable compensation for individual faculty members willing to upload technical questions for employability assessment of students in core areas after approval of RDISL academic governing council

R.D.Institute of Systematic Learning is desirous of increasing the already large bank of questions it has on its testing site pertaining to technical areas and topics.

We are encouraging individual faculty members of all institutions to upload questions relevant for “campus recruitment’ point of view on the RDISL test site.

These questions should be those which are likely to confront the students while participating “campus placement” activity conducted by employers whether during online test or during the technical part of the interview.

RDISL intends to suitably compensate faculty members who upload these questions on per question basis.

RDISL academic governing council which will meet once every month will decide on which questions to be included and which needs to be excluded. The decision will be dependent on factors like non repetition, relevance from fresher recruitment point of view and the level of the question. We intent to have easy, medium and difficult questions on our question bank at the ratio of 20:40:40.The questions needless to mention should be accompanied by their solutions.

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