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  Services Offered to Engineering Students & Professionals

R.D. Institute Of Systematic Learning is committed to make a sincere effort to make all of you to enable, evolve and emerge yourself successfully/ by improving your employability and connect you with the corporate world. This is important to understand that being employable or becoming corporate ready is a process that must be started from the first semester of your course, it should never be taken for granted as an event to take place automatically at the end of your studies. All the students and professionals please do note that all your efforts to remove your employment related obstacles must be over by 4th year –, because nothing would be under your control after that Semester and you would be busy with hectic with tightly scheduled academic activities and future course of actions too. All of you must be aware of the processes and procedures involved in Fresher Recruitment Drives [Campus Hiring] conducted by various Corporate Organizations. To clear the hurdles created by the employer through the process of selection some skills are essential to be acquired by you who can only be developed by a process of training and practice in a simulated environment. RDISL provides you all that are needed to improve your aptitudes and skills to get your success to prove yourself fit for employment.

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