Show Case your Employable Students To Employers

Giving access to employers to access employable students data for assessed institutions for purpose of recruitment:

All institutions who organize the RESET employability assessment test for the students for their pass out batch will be available as data in tabulated form for access by all potential recruiters of fresher’s.

This visibility will be available for all institutions for 24 months from the date of the first FREE assessment taken by their students.

In case if the institutions have not fared well in terms of score and numbers of their assessed batch it becomes imperative for these institutions to organize a retest as soon as possible for the entire batch in order to improve scores and increase visibility.

For organizing retest RDISL needs to be informed 7 days in advance. The cost of the retest will be Rs169/- (Rs. one hundred sixty nine only) per student).

RDISL will give access to data of all assessed institutions to all potential recruiters of fresher’s thereby increasing the visibility and reach of all assessed institutions.

However RDISL gives no commitment regarding the number of “campus placement” opportunities for students nor will be obliged to entertain any request for any help from any institution in this regard.

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