Organize Pool Campuses for Fresher Recruitment

RDISL can help organize individual or pool campuses in RDISL accessed institutions at no cost to employer:

R D Institute of Systematic Learning is offering the organizations willing to “recruit students” from RDISL “accessed institutions” the services of organizing host colleges for conducting the interviews at no cost to the organizations.

This will include identifying the institutions willing to host the recruiting organization, organizing the entire logistics for the team visiting the campus including transportation, boarding and lodging from the nearest airport / railway station.

The cost of the organizations beyond the nearest airport / railway station for conducting these campus interviews will be nil. In case there is no air/rail travel involved then the cost for the visiting team will be nil for the entire event.

This service is only available for those organizations who wish to recruit students directly out of RDISL assessed student’s data bank.

For organizations conducting their own campus assessment through the RDISL testing centre using either RDISL question bank or loading their own question bank will be provided this service at a nominal service cost.

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