Modus Operandi


First of all we define the requirement of the human process development in terms of learning needs. In the given topic, ascertain which sub-skills the organization wish to concentrate more on. Also, identify constraints and localization issues. To define the accurate training need we conduct perfect training need analysis by strictly adhering to the scientific approach of training by conducting psychometric test and modality strength test on the target audience.


Any topic could be taught, explained or demonstrated. It is up to the module design to select that method of facilitating the topic which gives the participant a better understanding of the subject. Some topics could be dealt simply like the way a teacher teaches in class. But for others it becomes important that the trainer demonstrate the practicality of his words. Sometimes it becomes necessary that the participants unlearn what they believe in so that they are able to fully comprehend the meaning of the message that the trainer wishes to give him. In such situations, it becomes essential to introduce or explain the topic by a practical demonstration of the issue. It could be in the form of a role play, case study, or maybe even a game, the selection of the methodology of teaching depends on the module design and adaptability.


Once the topics and the methodology of facilitating these topics have been decided, we sequence the topics and activities into a logical manner. Every topic needs to be related to the previous as well as the successive topic. All the topics are so well planned and arranged together such that it resembles a playing field ensuring proper learning in the subconscious mind of the students improving the thought process of the students and raising them from a lower state of mind to higher state of mind. The purpose of this step is to design the overall flow of the training session. The modules are developed with a logical flow for the learning process with a well defined outcome with effective methodology as per the learning style of the audience.

Define the overall course envelope

After following the above steps we develop the course envelope with the whole set of performance criteria for the training event. It includes issues like – the objectives, desired learning outcome, the duration, number of participants, on campus or off campus etc.

The unique methodology of delivery with a perfect psychological approach works on the mind of the students and makes them aware of the secrets of effective communication to achieve a successful career in corporate world with a realistic approach

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