The Goal of R.D. Institute of Systematic Learning is to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. The R.D. Institute Of Systematic Learning Aims at:

  • Taking India as a world leader by creating world class workforce to meet the challenges ahead by imparting best training to the Professionals otherwise competent with knowledge, sincerity, diligence and hard working.
  • Reaching the above goal by 2020.
  • Imparting professional ethics for contributing to the national cause.

In order to respond effectively to the societal and industrial needs, R.D. Institute of Systematic Learning aims at:

  • Helping to enhance the managerial effectiveness of the educational and innovative systems with particular emphasis on balancing the mix of technology and management.
  • To work proactively for enhance and better relation with corporations and act for best placements.
  • Refinement of system and processes for placements

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