Get Personalized Preparation Plan

R.D.Institute Of Systematic Learning is not just an online testing platform, it is a complete remedy to all those who are not in good employable category.

Those who want to improve their skills and aptitude RDISL may provide them the microscopic analysis of their performance with an accurate report of their weak and strong areas and time analysis of their speed and accuracy.

RDISL may suggest them with the pinpointed approach of training for the development of their skills and aptitude to make them competent to perform better in the next test.

On the basis of this detailed analysis RDISL offers them with the pin pointed approach of training for the development of the skills and aptitude of the students to make them competent to perform better in such test and to get a gainful employment ultimately R.D. Institute of Systematic Learning through its website gives a great opportunity to the students to prepare and practice in online environment to improve their accuracy, speed and concentration span on the screen in facing online examinations. RDISL gives a complete freedom to the students to practice more on their weak areas by customizing their own own practice test where they can select topics of their choice, set difficulty levels and increase or decrease the allotted time. RDISL has a very strong team of highly effective trainer keeps a very close watch on the changing trend of the pattern of the online tests of different organization. RDISL is known for its unique methodology of training with a perfect scientific or psychological approach as per learning style of the students. The content and methodology developed by the highly efficient core team of the RDISL equip the students with proper concept of the core areas of the quantitative and reasoning aptitude which in turn makes the students competent to apply the basic concepts of the core areas of reasoning and quantitative aptitude to approach and solve the critical and complex questions asked in such examinations.
For the other two subjects General Awareness/Studies and English Language also RDISL has developed very rich content which gives the students a systematic approach to get full control on the elements of language and a great ability to read, write and comprehend. The English language and a systematic approach to study the areas of GA/GS and special knowledge of new subjects like Marketing Awareness, Banking Awareness and Computer.
also prepares students for the Interviews and Group Discussions by making the students aware of the proper dynamics of GD and PI by giving them a complete understanding of the process of GD techniques and interview facing skills by using the methodology of video mirroring with a panel of real experts of the concerned industry/sector.

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