Faculty Assessment

Faculty assessment test & report for teaching ability and corporate governance ethics :

For all educational institutions one of the major challenges today is to recruit good quality faculty to improve the academic standard and culture of the institution.

The quality of the faculty is dependent not only on his/her subject knowledge and experience but also the understanding of teaching ability and professional ethics. Subject knowledge can be tested during the time of the interview but it is very difficult to test the teaching ability and professional ethics of the faculty.

RDISL has developed a comprehensive “teaching ability & professional ethics” psychometric analysis test designed by its psychometric analysis wing.

Institutions can ask all the applicants who have applied for faculty positions to undertake this Online Test of RDISL before their application can be given due consideration. The test will cost the applicant Rs.113/- (one hundred thirteen only) and the report will be submitted to the applicant as well as to the institution.

The report will cover the examinees basic understanding of the challenges of teaching and his/her understanding of the professional ethics that they are supposed to follow.

To take this test the applicant needs to log in as teacher, fill up basic details, make payment online and take the test. The report will be forwarded to their registered ids within 5 days. The report will be prepared by the licensed psychologists of the psychometric analysis wing the person who has developed the test. This can also be availed for faculty members who are already working with the institutions irrespective of their age or experience.

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