RESET is an acronym for RDISL EMPLOYABILITY SKILL EVALUTION TEST is India's highest quality Employability Skill Evaluation Test, designed and developed by the professionals of the the core team members of R.D.INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMATIC LEARNING (RDISL).

RESET is conducted across the nation for engineers, graduates and MBAs. It is a multi-dimensional evaluation in various employability related competencies including English language, Aptitude, and Personality. Based on the prevailing selection process of the corporate houses the RESET is designed and developed in such a manner that employers should get the right skill set as per their requirement. Use of the perfect logic and high-end statistical technology, RESET is India's only genuine employability test with standardized scoring and perfect valuation.

It is delivered in cities of all states in India. RESET is always conducted with fully secured testing system and under strict supervision of RDISL representatives adopting a stringent process of candidate identity verification and test integrity.

RESET is an anywhere any time test is taken by candidates all over the country. RDISL makes sincere effort to make RESET results available to the employers to give them an opportunity to recruit the right candidate for their job opening as per their required skill sets. This makes the RESET Score as bench mark to declare the candidate suitable for the job.


(R D Institute of Systematic Learning’s employability skill evaluation test) is a test designed to enable all students from all institutions to test their employability readiness before they land into the placement season.

Most of the tests available in the market, though of varying standards, are tests which cost a certain amount of money either to the student or their institutions. This is one of the primary reason why majority of the students go into the placement season looking to get gainfully employed without actually knowing whether they do have the requisite skills to do so or not. Though absolutely essential for all students, the cost or reluctance to invest either by the student or their institutions have resulted in the very low penetration level of this evaluation.

To circumvent this problem R D Institute of Systematic Learning, a leading organization since 2006 in the field of up gradation of employability skills of students , brings RESET, which though not only is at par with the other tests available in the market, but possibly even better, is offered absolutely free of cost to the students or their institutions when it is attempted for the first time. It will enable all students to know their “employability readiness level” before they appear for selection for any employment opportunity available inside or outside the institution they are studying in. This test is also “online” which will enable students to test themselves without actually forcing themselves to be displaced from their respective locations. RESET is going to test the IQ level of the students, their working knowledge of the English language and the assessment of their overall personality.

These are the main areas which determine the employability scope of a student. R.D.Institute of Systematic Learning not only is going to offer this test and its results free of cost when taken for the first time, it will also advise the students how they can improve on their deficient skill areas and will also tell them the avenues to do so .

This test will also enable all students to be visible to all potential employers who decide to directly recruit students from RDISL assessed students data bank.

R.D.Institute of Systematic Learning appeals to all students irrespective of their location anywhere in India to appear for this test to enable them to know what they should know but actually do not know about themselves as on date.

To avail this test please log in as a student and choose RESET plus option, make payment online and take the test.

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