Determine The problem Area and Training Need Of Your Employees at All Level

Internal employee “training need analysis” through online licensed psychometric analysis test :

R D Institute of Systematic Learning is offering organizations the facility of conducting psychometric analysis of their employees to identify “training needs”. These tests have been developed by renowned physiologist Dr.B.L Dubey.

The test will be conducted by RDISL at a nominal cost on “per employee” basis. The needs analysis will be done for all employees by Dr. B.L.Dubey who has designed and developed the test.

Based on the assessment done by our psychologist we would be suggesting the need of interventions that the organizations need to put in place in order to bridge the gap. RDISL can help the organizations in meeting these gaps as it is one of our core competency areas. The scientifically developed “PDP” and “MDP” programmes will be delivered by highly trained and experienced facilitators under the supervision of RDISL core team under the leadership of Dr. B.L.Dubey.

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