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R.D.Institute of Systematic Learning has taken the assessment of students for their “employability skills” passing out of graduation and post - graduation institutions in India to the next level by offering this facility to all institution at a minimum cost starting with the academic year 2015-2016.This will enable RDISL to have huge number of colleges from all over India as “beneficiaries” of assessing their students on employability. We have designed our “employability skill” assessment test “RESET” in a way that it is not only at par with the best the industry has to offer but even better. We have developed our own question bank of over 25000 questions with each question categorized as easy, medium and tough. We are conducting our tests for the students in a way that combination of questions are given at the ratio 20:40:40 respectively which makes our testing more stringent and the students scoring well in this test actually really good and employable. We are assessing students on areas which is common to all disciplines namely general aptitude (All topics including reasoning), English (verbal ability, comprehension, grammar).

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