About R.D. Institute Of Systematic Learning

R. D. INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMATIC LEARNING (established 2006) by a set of professionals from the field of education with the aim to help all the stakeholders in the field of education (schools, under graduate and post graduate technical and non technical institutions) namely the students, the institutions and their ultimate buyers namely the employers to come together where the skills of the students developed by the institutions can be enhanced to a level that it meets the minimum expectations of the employers.

Initially R. D. INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMATIC LEARNING was known as quality training provider offering Total Training Solution to the students of Engineering & Management colleges to remove their employment related obstacles by a process of training by trained trainers and perfectly customized training modules with a perfect training methodology based on psychological and scientific approach of adult learning principles.

The training solutions provided by R. D. Institute Of Systematic Learning are highly appreciated by the client institutions because of our systematic approach and commitment to deliver the desired learning outcomes to our clients as per their expectations.

It has already been revealed by the various agencies that there exists a large gap between the academic deliverance and corporate expectation this gap is currently very large and increasing every day and it can only be bridged by first measuring the gap, and subsequently filling up the gap and presenting the finished product to the employers.

R. D. INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMATIC LEARNING has taken up the challenge to have the professional expertise, in-depth knowledge of how to measure the gap, convey to the students and the institutions the size of the actual gap as well as to help the students and the institutions to fill this gap for both technical and non technical areas. It also has developed the professional expertise to help employers to access more students in more locations by using either R. D. INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMATIC LEARNING assessed students database for the purpose of fresher recruitments or assess more students in more institutions for the purpose of fresher recruitments without actually visiting these locations utilizing infrastructure and facilities of R. D. INSTITUTE OF SYSTEMATIC LEARNING, This helps the recruiters to increase the talent pool from which they do fresher recruitment and reduce the cost of this activity.

R.D. Institute of Systematic Learning has also extended the availability of its features and expertise to the students appearing in the online recruitment test of organizations like Banks, Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railways etc. In this effort RDISL has updated its question bank and has added unique features to its online test portal which will certainly be highly beneficial for those aspiring to join such organizations. RDISL has opened its first class room tutorial at Varanasi and has plan to open a chain of its centres at other cities also where the perfectly trained trainers of RDISL will be deployed to equip students with proper concepts of the core areas of the quantitative and reasoning aptitude which in turn willthe students competent to apply the basic concepts of the core areas of reasoning and quantitative aptitude to approach and solve the critical and complex questions asked in such examinations.

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